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Security Training

We offer a wide range of specialized trainings.

OpenSOC Network Defense Simulation

Is your Incident Response team ready for a worst case scenario? Are you sure?

OpenSOC is a blue team defense simulation that is as close to "the real thing" as it gets. This isn’t just another CTF. We’ve built this platform to train real-world responders to handle real-world situations. Our environment is a highly portable, fully functional replication of an enterprise environment, complete with all the trimmings - Active Directory, Exchange, distributed networks, various sensors, log aggregation, end-user simulation, and more.

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Security Awareness Training

No matter how mature an organization's technical security posture is, employees will always be a source of intelligence for discovering security events. Recon's security awareness training teaches employees to keep an eye out for modern threats and empowers them to report suspicious activity to internal teams.

Organizations can better defend themselves against attackers by providing this vital education to employees who want to do the right thing in case of a security event. Recon's training platform serves content to employees of an organization and provides statistics on progress and completion to staff.

Social Engineering Awareness Training

All of the technology and policy in the world cannot protect an organization from the number one most used attack vector: socially engineering employees by way of phishing, vishing and a variety of other methods meant to trick humans.

By implementing a structured and regimented training plan, an organization can increase its security posture significantly by simply raising the awareness of its employees. Recon provides a training platform that can enroll and track completion of all employees of an organization and allow administrators to follow completion statistics.

We built the training modules in-house, incorporating years of experience with "real world threats" to employees of any organization.

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