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Enerprise Security

Recon Network Defense Range (NDR)
There is No Substitute for Experience

“We do not rise to the level or our expectations, we fall to the level of our training” - Archilochus

Fighter pilots need flight simulators; security operations teams need the Network Defense Range (NDR). NDR is a live, fully functioning network. We run progressively more sophisticated real-world attacks against the NDR network and give security operations teams the tools they need to detect, respond, triage, and investigate these attacks. The first encounters your security team has with live attacks should not be on your production network.

The Recon

Trainees learn by experience. Not death by PowerPoint.
Trainees face real attacks on a live network. Trainees don’t learn from “dead data.”
Scenarios are modeled on real attacks. Scenarios are not theoretical.
  • "One of the best training sessions that I have been through. Very real-world and relevant."

  • “This is a fantastic training tool. I would love to have something like this to help train analysts in my own shop, as the tools that are used are those that we implement as well.”

  • “Awesome setup, great job!”

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