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Penetration Testing

How secure are your systems?

Depending on client needs, we provide vulnerability assessment, expert penetration testing and “Purple Team” assessment services. Our goal is to quickly assess and evaluate your current security posture and provide well prioritized recommendations to increase the resilience of your organization to threats. More importantly, we will guide you towards deciding which assessment is right for you to enable a more effective use of your time and resources.

Vulnerability Assessment

If vulnerability assessment are not already part of our routine, this is often a good place to start. Beyond simply running automatic external and internal tools, we will learn about your infrastructure and tailor our vulnerability assessment to your environment. More importantly, we will wade through the full reports, identify high-priority findings, and provide implementation guidance in our reports

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is often seen as the true test of external defenses. It is really only a true test if the penetration testers skill match your anticipated adversary. Our penetration testers have nation-state level skills to match any attack the real world has to offer. They include offensive operators from government and military organizations. Allow us to put your defenses and security program to the test knowing that you will receive a thorough report and remediation plan afterwards..

Purple Team Assessments

Purple Team assessment integrate the access of the defensive / “Blue Team” with the tactics, techniques, and procedures of the offensive / “Red Team.” These assessments offer the most comprehensive view of our information security posture. We use the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix as a holistic framework for assessing your infrastructures strengths and weakness. These reports are thorough and provide the most accurate picture of your security posture.