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Incident Response

Dealing with an active high impact/severity incident?

We are not only expert practitioners in the areas of Digital Forensics and Incident Response, but we built one of the most successful DFIR training platforms in the world that has trained 1000+ DFIR practitioners.

Call (800) 618-7080 ext 99 for immediate assistance.

Our Approach

Our Incident Response team adheres to the NIST Special Publication SP 800-61 standard on Computer Security Incident Handling.

Throughout the engagement, you will have 24/7 direct communication with a principal IR consultant who has been dedicated to your incident from start to finish.

We provide daily status reports to keep you informed of our analysis at every important step.

We answer the questions most pressing to the business

  • How did this happen?
  • What damage has been done?
  • Is the threat fully mitigated?
  • How do I prevent this from happening again?

Real-time communication is key

We work very closely with your own team to ensure surgical precision and thorough communication throughout the incident response lifecycle using real-time communication tools.

Call (800) 618-7080 ext 99 for immediate assistance.