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Security Consulting

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Cyber Security Program Development

Many organizations desire a mature cyber security program but lack the resources to develop one from the ground up. Recon’s core staff has built these programs for countless organizations ranging from state & federal governments, financial institutions, utility providers, healthcare organizations, and various critical industry partners. We will custom build a program tailored to your organization and its specific compliance requirements. This includes not only the policies, but also the proposed controls to meet those policies. We are more than happy to review/update your existing program as well.

Tailored Threat Intelligence

Recon has dedicated Threat Intel analysts who constantly monitor various threat intel channels for threats relevant to Recon customers. As a result, we provide our customers custom and concise briefings on threats relevant to their industry or organization. This information is also used to inform our Security Operations team on methods to bolster defenses as needed.

Custom Tailored Offerings

For organizations with adequate in-house personnel resources, Recon can provide custom solutions as well as hands-on training to bring highly advanced Cyber Security capabilities to an existing IT or security team. These solutions include but are not limited to incident response simulation, threat hunting, disk and memory forensics, network forensics, threat signature authoring, threat intel ingestion, security operations automation, etc.