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Nobody’s Enterprise Security is Perfect
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  • “There was not a single member of my security group that did not fully appreciate working with a team of the Recon’s calibre. Their focus on the golden triangle of people, processes, and technology meant no stone was left unturned in our aim to move up the maturity curve across our full suite of security services.”

    Vice President of Governance, Risk, and Compliance
    Regional Bank
  • “In just a short time, my staff is very comfortable with the solutions and monitoring we are receiving. The Recon team gives you the sense that someone is standing guard by helping choose, deploy and monitor security related procedures and tools for our company’s specific needs. They are probably the best kept secret in the industry.”

    Vice President of Technology
    Public Utility
  • “Working with the staff at Recon is always a pleasure. We consider Recon our business partner and one of our main resources for IT security. We believe organizations of any size would benefit from working with them. Their people were great to work with, knowledgeable, and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone in need of IT Security.”

    Service Delivery Manager,
  • “The personal attention given by Recon’s staff in setting up our security is invaluable. It is a complex arena, and you explained the security implications related to our business needs in a way even I could understand them. The systems and procedures you set up for us are exactly what we need to meet our financial industry compliance requirements. Further, the ongoing monitoring and assistance you are providing allows us to concentrate on developing our applications without distractions, but with full assurance that our systems are secure.”

    Chief Information Officer
    Financial Sector

Better Security
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We are developers, security analysts, and forensics specialists. We are enterprise security experts that teach digital forensics and incident response to the most capable organizations all over the world.

Our goal is to share those skills with you to augment your team, not replace it. Our advice remains unbiased because we don’t sell hardware or software and we are not a reseller. We leverage open source tools and custom platforms to provide exceptional value.

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