Who We Are

We focus on cybersecurity so that you can focus on your business.


Our core team is comprised of several industry experts ranging from web application testers, network architects, network security engineers, network and host intrusion specialists, penetration testers and programmers.

A majority of our team members are currently performing or have previously performed cybersecurity work for the US Department of Defense as well as city, state and federal government entities.


We defend, assess and advise enterprises towards an optimal information security posture in an ever-changing threat environment.

We strive to provide effective, powerful, yet affordable solutions equal to those of Fortune 500 companies.


This industry is riddled with complex, high-cost solutions that sometimes yield little or no real benefit. This often discourages small business owners from taking neccesary steps to protect their information systems. Our primary motivator is the belief that cybersecurity should not be out of reach of small and medium businesses.

We also offer our services at a significant discount to some small startups, non-profits, education, and community service organizations.

Trust is our foundation

Recon is trusted by organizations across several industries including financial, legal, healthcare, communications, critical infrastructure, and more.